Complete Streets

S&ME views streets and public rights of way as key components in creating a livable and vibrant public realm. Our interdisciplinary approach considers the functional aspects of transportation for multiple modes and considers the community’s greater needs, including economic development, neighborhood stability, safety, equity, and comfort for users.

Complete Street

A Complete Street streetscape should express the unique spirit of a community.

S&ME believes a Complete Street streetscape is more than a mere facility to move people and cars. We believe that the street design and details should express the unique spirit and character of a community, uniting and commemorating the history, culture, and character within that community. To that end, we make public visioning an integral part of our design process. S&ME also understands the unique requirements of the urban forest. We spend effort designing the proper environment to thrive and enhance the beauty of the community. We work with municipalities, redevelopment agencies, neighborhood improvement districts, public works staff, and private developers to create distinctive and lasting street designs.

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