Rail and Light Rail Transit

Passenger and freight rail service is experiencing many of the same issues related to the nation’s infrastructure diminishing state of repair.  With aging systems demanding rehabilitation, replacement or modernization, the rail industry continues to seek the funding necessary to meet the increased demand in both passenger and freight rail service. The nation’s rail service provides vital connectivity and movement of goods between major urban centers and smaller communities, far reaching into America’s rural regions.

The FAST Act of 2015 provided the first long term funding program for the Rail Industry in over 10 years.  This federal funding provides for needed improvements in safety, efficiency, and reliability of passenger and freight rail systems while also providing assistance to commuter railroads for positive train control (PTC) implementation. The FAST Act also included comprehensive funding for intercity passenger rail programs.

The Nation’s transportation networks are connected and interrelated.  Without the proper investments in rail safety, reliability and mobility to support growth in the coming century, additional funding will need to be dedicated elsewhere to meet the needs for transporting goods and services.

S&ME has provided a range design and construction services for the freight and rail industries on a variety of projects, such as light rail, streetcars/trolleys, multimodal facilities, freight/passenger rail emergency bridge replacements, rail facility upgrades, and general rail capacity upgrades.

S&ME services provided to the passenger and freight rail industry include:

  • Geotechnical Design
  • Foundation Inspection and Testing
  • Retaining Wall and Soil improvement Design
  • Construction Materials Inspection and Testing
  • Rail Inspection and Testing
  • Special Inspections of Facilities