With the predicted doubling of air travel demand over the next 20 years, many international, regional, and general aviation airports are accelerating efforts to maintain and expand facilities; upgrade communication, navigation and surveillance technologies; improve efficiencies with safety, security and customer service; continue transformation to economic centers servicing the traveling public, all while balancing environmental, adjacent land use and noise matters.  At commercial and regional airports, runways and taxiways are in constant demand and expansions to accommodate air travel demand are imminent. Terminal expansions and upgrades to meet additional gate demands from rapidly growing enplanements are a necessity.  In addition, technology is ever improving to allow for simultaneous use of runways and reduce arrival and departure spacing. S&ME works with airport owners, sponsors, stakeholders, and operators on their expansion, maintenance, and technology upgrade projects. We understand the critical nature that schedule, logistics and an initial durable product provides to an airport’s success. Time and working area constraints often present unique opportunities for S&ME’s engineers to innovate and provide alternative engineering solutions.

Our engineers and technical staff have provided planning, design, survey, environmental engineering, geotechnical exploration, geotechnical design, civil engineering design, utility design, sediment and erosion control design, pavement assessments, pavement design, construction oversight, quality assurance and materials testing for numerous international, regional, and general aviation airports. In addition, we have provided land planning and economic development services to include land development patterns, airport market orientation and accessible transportation system planning.  Our experience has shown that we can successfully plan airport developments that are safe, secure, sustainable, efficient for the public, economically beneficial to the region and environmentally conscious.

A major strength of S&ME is our ability to provide a broad array of aviation services to meet the diverse challenges often facing airports.  Our multi-disciplined team has a thorough knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration, state, county and local regulations thus allowing us to provide cost effective solutions for your aviation needs.

Services provided by S&ME are:

  • State and Federal Funding Assistance
  • Site Selection & Feasibility Studies
  • Runway, Apron, Taxiway Design
  • T-Hangar, Corporate Hangar, and Cargo Hangar Design
  • Access Road and Multi-modal Facility Design
  • Airport Layout and Master Planning
  • Airport Parking Design
  • Airport Site Selection
  • Lighting and NAVAID
  • Environmental Planning and Permitting
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Design
  • Pavement Testing, Analysis and Design
  • Construction and Maintenance Management and Oversight