Greenways and Trails

S&ME provides a wide range of planning, design, engineering, and construction services for parks, trails and recreational facilities. Our services span from parks and trails system master plans to construction administration. We integrate all of our services to create designs to meet clients program needs and enhance the overall needs of the communities in which we work. We believe a park or greenway is more than just a facility. Parks express the unique spirit and character of a community, uniting as well as commemorating the valuable resources within that community. To that end, we make public visioning an integral part of our design process. We have experience with a broad range of community-based projects and also consider the development of parks and recreation spaces as one key to a city’s economic development strategy.

Our planning, design, engineering and construction services extend to the development of recreational facilities of various sizes and complexities including walking and nature trails, linear parks and greenways, passive parks, botanical gardens, destination playgrounds waterfronts and specialty parks such as skate parks, dog parks and stormwater parks.  Our design, engineering and construction services for the development of sports and recreational facilities include a broad range of users from youth leagues to NCAA, and includes facilities at schools, colleges, and universities. S&ME is committed to planning and designing environments for people with special needs. We innovatively incorporate universal design and accessibility concepts into our design work, thus creating environments that accommodate the broad ranging needs of the public.

We have considerable knowledge in the design, engineering and construction of greenways and linear parks. We understand that greenway developments are often used to link natural areas to urban centers and can promote economic growth and improve the quality of life.  Our park developments have been a passive result of an environmental restoration project. Some have included structures for educational or interpretive centers. Many have included wetlands that require protection or spillways, bridges, and roads that require engineering expertise.