Dams & Levees

S&ME addresses the growing challenge of failing dam & Levees infrastructure in the United States by providing comprehensive support to dam owners. Whether it’s routine inspections, compliance with state and federal regulations, or the complex process of siting and constructing new dams and reservoirs, our teams assist owners with diverse needs. Our expertise spans various technical domains, including hydrology and hydraulics, geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering, allowing them to cover all aspects of dam evaluation, design, construction, and permitting.

S&ME’s services extend from new dam and reservoir siting studies to emergency planning and safety inspections. We are well-versed in addressing issues such as seepage, slope instability, and concrete feature inspections. Additionally, we specialize in complex hydrology and hydraulic studies, designing spillways, and conducting risk evaluations. In addition, S&ME can mobilize swiftly for dam emergencies, offering around-the-clock inspections, emergency repairs, and interaction with regulators. Beyond new dam projects, we recognize the importance of dam removal and restoration, acknowledging that existing dams may no longer serve their original purpose, posing risks to water quality and public safety.

S&ME’s extensive experience encompasses diverse projects, including flood control and water supply reservoirs, coal ash impoundments, and recreational lakes. Our approach involves thorough subsurface investigations, laboratory testing, and hydrologic analyses, leading to the development of final plans and specifications for construction. Furthermore, S&ME complements dam design and permitting expertise with environmental design and mitigation experience, particularly in dam removal projects. Our proficiency extends to stormwater management, stream restoration, and various aspects of environmental design, reinforcing a commitment to addressing the evolving challenges in the dam industry.