Sustainability has varied meanings and interpretations in our society. At S&ME, we believe that sustainability rightly adheres to the original premise of the triple bottom line described by John Elkington… people, planet, profits. We focus on these attributes every day at every level of our company with the intent and determination to embrace this concept in all that we do, in ways that we interact with each other, internally and externally.


We foster on-going development of technical skills and abilities of our people and provide opportunities for significant career growth and development. We ask our staff to use their talents, knowledge and experience to engage with their clients and with their communities to fulfill S&ME’s Purpose…. helping you prosper. Please visit our Careers section to learn more.

Our commitment to the twin pillars of Safety and Quality is absolute and of the highest importance to us. We are an actively-caring Company because the unwavering Safety goal is everyone arrives home safely every day. Please visit our Safety section to learn more.

We know that the technical knowledge bases from which our services derive are always changing, driven by intellectual discoveries and technological breakthroughs. We are committed to doing better today than yesterday because we never stop the search for a better, more elegant solution. There is almost always one more question to be asked and answer to be considered. Please visit our Quality section to learn more.

Our people are committed to and believe in the communities in which they live and work. Those communities are one and the same, because we are embedded in those places. S&ME is proud of being part of the fabric of many communities; we are proud to be a local enterprise. We preferentially hire locally; contribute our talents and treasures through volunteerism and in-kind service offerings; support charities and care-giving organizations; and, are active service in civic organizations.


Sustainable development has been termed as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are keenly aware that our Company, our clients’ and our communities’ successes are increasingly dependent on ensuring that projects and actions are grounded on principles of sustainable development. This commitment is embodied in our Environmental Policy Statement.

We assist our clients in the search for and selection of sustainable solutions to their business needs in order to minimize environmental impacts and to contribute to more balanced, healthier communities. The nexus of this is most often at the very local level of a project. Our broad presence across the Southeast and Midwest means that we are woven into those communities. Sustainability is a global concept; successful sustainability is a local outcome.


We willingly accept the responsibility to operate our business in an ethical manner in all ways and at all times, while also striving to improve continuously how we conduct our business. Our Code of Conduct is a manifestation of our values and prescribes the expectation of ethical behavior at S&ME in both internal and external contacts and settings.

S&ME has achieved consistent, solid, profitable growth over the nearly five-decades life of the Company.  This performance record is evidence of our founders’ vision and the commitment to excellence in technical and client services by the intervening generations that have nurtured this successful enterprise. We will always adopt best practices in the areas of safety, performance improvement, corporate governance, environmental health and safety management, personnel development, and creative innovation as the beacons to guide us in our choices that result in profits.

Our Promise

Based on our commitment to engage, nurture, and grow the concept of Sustainability in our company, we commit to the search for and implementation of creative solutions that are technically-innovative, environmentally-sound, and socially-responsible.  That is how we deliver on the S&ME Promise.

With S&ME, clients will discover a commitment to safety and quality, a wealth of skills and talent, but above all a fierce dedication to honesty and integrity on every level and in every encounter.

We are S&ME.  Building for Sustainability.