State and Municipal Government

S&ME recognizes the complex economic, environmental, and land use needs facing local, regional, municipal governments. Today, communities are faced with the challenge of planning new and better infrastructure that will enhance the overall quality of life and strengthen economic opportunities while simultaneously adhering to limited budgets.

We are more than just an ordinary professional consulting firm. When we work for a county, municipality, township, school or special district, S&ME becomes a valuable part of their team by providing our expertise and commitment to deliver quality services at a competitive rate. Our long-term record of success includes comprehensive planning and design services for transportation systems, environmental remediation, economic development and redevelopment, and infrastructure rehabilitation / asset management programs. S&ME has exceptional experience performing on-call, emergency engineering, testing, and environmental services for regional and county governments. S&ME professionals have also served in the role of Town/City Planner and Engineer.

S&ME provides professional consulting services for a wide range of public-sector projects including industrial and office parks; justice centers and correctional facilities; courthouses; police and fire stations; municipal airports and emergency operation centers; water and wastewater treatment facilities; city / town halls and municipal administrative buildings; civic centers and museums; recreational parks and educational facilities; sports venues and cultural centers. Our professionals provide expert advice and develop practical solutions to help local communities make critical investment choices.

Our challenge is to solve problems sustainably, creatively, and effectively with thoughtful analysis and design that will stand the test of time. S&ME embraces the daily challenge to take our municipal client’s vision and make it a working reality. The strength of the firm lies in the commitment to a multi-disciplinary approach to each design challenge. It takes diligence at every level to ensure that the initial vision becomes the blueprint for success.

S&ME recognizes the challenge of planning new infrastructure that will promote long-term growth and ensure environmental stability. We are committed to the principles of sustainable development in all our practices and have LEED accredited professionals on staff. We understand the regulations and the objectives behind the regulations to deliver sustainable solutions in an efficient and responsive manner. We routinely assist community leaders to effectively plan for smart growth, utilizing GIS, 3D Mapping, and other powerful visioning tools. We have also assisted communities burdened by abandoned or under-utilized properties that are contaminated and develop cost-effective methods to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of these areas.