Retail and Mixed Use

S&ME is committed to helping our clients create engaging, vibrant commercial retail and mixed-use environments that satisfy a number of end-user needs. By planning and designing interactive settings that bring people together, we create meaningful experiences that enrich lives. Through the use of inviting landscapes, pedestrian-friendly streets and accessible, interconnected design elements, our professionals craft destination environments that evoke a sense of place and ease the transition between work, home, and play.

Our planning and design services cover a wide range of commercial retail and mixed-use developments including Lifestyle Centers, Power Centers, urban infill, and destination themed retail developments. S&ME’s team of urban planners, economic development planners, transportation specialists, landscape architects, and civil engineers collaborate with our clients to design retail and mixed-use spaces that emphasizes:

  • The social needs of individuals and families
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • The interrelationships between architecture and open space systems
  • Interconnected local street networks to maximize accessibility and mobility
  • Livable and walkable neighborhood systems
  • Compact form that maximizes infrastructure investment
  • Incorporating the context and history of the surrounding community

Our expertise is rooted in the land and its relation to the built form. S&ME professionals have partnered with both developers and municipalities to create compact, mixed-use development connected by transit, pedestrian/bicycle systems and open space. Our landscape architects and urban planners design low impact landscapes and hardscapes and our engineers design and construct sustainable infrastructure for the built environment. Our approach to creating realistic and implementable sustainable design and engineering solutions is based on the fact that the cost of maintenance and operation are inherently reduced when resources are used more efficiently.

We seek first to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of a project; its financial goals; any regulatory drivers; and community perspectives. S&ME provides our clients an integrated team of experts in master planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, transportation engineering and other critical disciplines, paired with a local understanding of cultures, people, and existing places. Regardless of the scale of the project, our multidisciplinary teams have the expertise to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs while achieving successful outcomes.

S&ME professionals understand the complex regulatory processes that must be navigated in order to gain approval for development projects plans and we have experience with all levels of federal, state and local government planning and entitlements requirements. We achieve our clients’ strategic goals by forging partnerships with key stakeholders and local governments to achieve their objectives. We have worked in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S. and have successful outcomes for our commercial retail and mixed-use development clients.