Waste Management

Navigating the complexities of waste management throughout its lifecycle is at the core of S&ME’s capabilities. Our proficiency lies in civil engineering, encompassing hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering. We also offer services in natural resources and environmental management, cultural resources preservation, and comprehensive construction administration and quality assurance. 

In acknowledging the intricate nature and visibility of waste management decisions within the civil engineering sector, S&ME is committed to adapting to the dynamic solid waste industry. This includes staying current with technological advancements and navigating evolving government regulations, while our personnel stay informed through ongoing research and active participation in professional organizations. 

Our teams maintain strong connections with State regulators, fostering collaboration across various solid waste projects. This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions not only align with industry standards but exceed them, delivering a seamless and compliant experience for our clients. 

Planning & Permitting

S&ME offers our clients turn-key project services from preliminary investigation, land acquisition, permitting, design, through to construction and operations. We further assist our clients in attaining and maintaining regulatory compliance…


Our landfill facilities are not just repositories; they are thoughtfully designed ecosystems that prioritize responsible waste handling while exploring the potential for energy conversion…


Specializing in the unique challenges of waste management, we provide tailored solutions through our advanced waste management facilities…