Collaboration is not just a word. It is the essence of who we are and what we do. Internally, it means fostering a culture of creative collaboration in order to harness the best of our talents and energies. Externally, it means building a sense of shared purpose with our clients to ensure that their initial vision becomes the blueprint for success.

One of the most interesting aspects of civil engineering is the ability to work with people as part of a team. There is a tremendous satisfaction that comes from a collaborative effort with owners, government officials, and other design professionals. The challenge of solving a whole host of issues on a diverse range of topics that affect our daily lives is its own reward. Our clients benefit from the active involvement of our project managers throughout all stages of the project delivery process.

S&ME has managed infrastructure planning, engineering design, permitting, and construction support on projects over a wide range of markets, including energy, dams, industrial, waste management, water resources, mining, and government clients for over 30 years. We are experienced in engineering and project management involving complex infrastructure, including earthwork, containment systems, stormwater management systems, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, water quality, wetlands and stream restoration, erosion control, permitting, utilities, and roadways. We pride ourselves on our quality and efficient representation of our client’s needs in a timely manner.


S&ME has a long history of providing permitting services for many market sectors encompassing site selection, new construction, facility expansion, aging infrastructure refurbishment…

Site and Engineering Design

S&ME has managed the infrastructure planning, surveying, site engineering and permitting of well over 5,000 projects over a wide range of conditions throughout the U.S. We are experienced in engineering and project management involving infrastructure…


Infrastructure design makes up our built environment and therefore it is key to the livability and health of a society…