Our professionals deliver a wide range of planning, design, and construction solutions to our nation’s industries and manufacturers. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and construction managers have a wealth of experience working on small, medium, and large scale industrial projects including oil and gas extraction and distribution processes, power plants, steel mills, chemical processing plants, food and beverage manufacturers, warehouse and distribution centers, automotive production and assembly factories, pulp and paper mills, telecommunication providers, and durable manufacturing suppliers.

We understand the complex, interconnected challenges facing owners and operators and work with them to develop practical and affordable solutions that reduce risks and costs, conserve resources, and enhance efficiencies. We are adept at resolving complex site issues covering all areas of industrial development from initial conceptual design to facility decommissioning. S&ME’s staff of experienced civil and environmental engineers can assist with everything from simple layout and drainage issues to more complex design and permitting requirements such as air permitting, solid and hazardous waste management and environmental compliance reporting. Our professionals are sensitive to issues of confidentiality, while providing valuable regulatory expertise, compliance assistance and health and safety services in order to help them manage operational issues and do so in a cost effective manner. In addition, we provide outsourced safety and industrial hygiene personnel to several of our larger manufacturing and industrial clients.