S&ME has a long history providing planning and design services to the resort, hotel and entertainment industry. Our multi-disciplinary team has designed guest-focused projects for a wide range of hospitality properties across the U.S. and around the globe, including hotels, resort communities, conference and convention facilities, theme parks, golf courses, and other entertainment destinations. We work with developers and owners to find innovative ways to enhance the overall experience of the guest, focusing on context sensitive solutions that reflect a memorable sense of place.

Our design process is grounded in context. We identify how a site interacts with the surrounding environment concentrating on developing the physical, natural, and cultural qualities of a site. We review and incorporate the location of required infrastructure elements into hidden elements.  Many times structures or elements must serve multiple functions. These can include detention ponds for water quality treatment serving as focal points or utility vaults doubling as seating or elevated stages.

S&ME is committed to accessible environments for people with special needs and have a keen understanding of the requirements for accessibility in a guest focused setting. Having the various areas of the facility accessible to all visitors and staff is paramount to promoting a fun filled, relaxing guest experience.