Restoration & Stabilization

S&ME has a thorough understanding of stream restoration and stabilization principles and design approaches. Our teams embrace the evolving science of restoration as it continues to incorporate better the science of fluvial geomorphology and ecological processes. S&ME is a leader in its field having won numerous awards, sponsored academic research, and presented our work at conferences throughout the US and internationally.

The engineering and natural resources professionals at S&ME work together in a collaborative and supportive environment. The background of our team includes aquatic biology, geology, fluvial geomorphology (including training in natural channel design techniques), ecology, and engineering.  The diversity of individual perspectives and backgrounds and the mutual respect among team members fosters an open discussion on meeting our client’s needs in a cost-effective manner. We apply engineering principles in our projects to develop predictive analyses, test hypothetical design scenarios, and incorporate ecological and morphological principles to frame these analyses in the context of the dynamic nature of lotic systems.

S&ME’s restoration and stabilization projects are located in rural, suburban, and urban settings, ranging from relatively straightforward streambank stabilizations to full realignments of streams with lengths of over a half mile. Our clients include private developers, conservation organizations, and units of state and local governments. S&ME maintains experienced in-house resources to produce stream restoration design and bid documents and our experience with assessment, design, permitting, and construction support means we can manage our client’s projects from concept to completion.