Roads and Streets

S&ME offers a complete range of transportation services for state DOT’s, municipalities and counties in the planning, design, and construction of safe and cost-efficient streets and roadways.  Today, public transportation agencies must traverse a complex range of issues in order to balance the many-faceted needs and often competing demands of the public. Our multi-disciplined team of transportation specialists are able to look at a complete range of technical issues, such as environmental planning/permitting, pedestrian/traffic safety, roadway/corridor design, surveying, hydrology/hydraulic design, storm water management, and construction engineering and inspection.  Our firm has experience in improving the transportation systems and roadway infrastructure for numerous public and private clientele. Our transportation specialists have extensive experience handling large multi-disciplined transportation programs for state and federal agencies.

Our transportation services cover a broad range of road types including local roads, collector and distributor roads, sub-arterial and arterial roads.  We have worked in a wide range of urban, suburban, and rural environments assisting public agencies and stakeholders in developing safe, reliable transportation connections to communities across the US.  We have also assisted in the development of operational and road maintenance plans, NEPA, Environmental Impact Statements, and Categorical Exclusions documentation.

Roadway Design

Our transportation designers provide design and technical support services for several states and local DOTs. Our roadway design capabilities include engineering reports, topographic surveys, roadway layout, grading design, drainage, signage and signalization. As part of our design services, we routinely prepare plans, right-of-way and easement documents, plats and legal/ property descriptions, utility coordination, construction cost estimates, and specifications.

Utility & Infrastructure Design

Many times during the design of roads and streets we are also required to plan and design utility relocations, new utilities or plan for future facilities along the road corridor.  We have years of experience designing infrastructure projects for both large and small scale utility projects, utility relocation, sidewalk extension, grading, drainage, roadway widening, driveway/ ramp improvements, and signal modifications. Our professional staff is experienced in managing urban and rural roadway rehabilitation projects. We are adept at resolving community concerns to allow for increased commercial and economic activity to these communities. Our knowledge, professionalism and sound working relationships bring effective results to the construction process. An ever present function as professionals in the arena of public infrastructure is that we frequently conduct public meetings to inform neighborhoods, council members, and other interested parties to these types of programs.

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CE&I) Services

For our public agency clients, our team is experienced providing CEI services. This includes on-site observation of construction activities, reviewing contractor’s pay requests, submittal reviews, verifying contractor’s quantities, performing BMP inspections, and coordinating with regulatory agencies. Services also include conducting progress meetings, administering change orders, and performing substantial and final completion project reviews to ensure that the contractors’ orderly progress and quality measures are maintained throughout the project.  As a part of our CE&I services S&ME has extensive experience performing construction materials testing in conformance with ASSHTO and ASTM standards.