S&ME serves a wide variety of commercial clients, including those in the hospitality, retail, office and residential areas of development.  While the projects vary, our clients return to us for our ability to serve them in three areas:  schedule, diversity of services, and our practical and effective solutions to their challenges.

Practically all commercial projects share a common trait in that schedule is critical.  Regardless of the project type, the Owner must achieve specific milestones so that his investment begins to generate a return.  S&ME understands the importance of schedules, and has resources to help achieve project demands.

From greenfield to finished project, S&ME walks beside our clients through each step:  natural/cultural resource assessments and permitting, Phase I ESA, geotechnical investigation, and construction materials testing and inspection.  If your project begins its journey as a brownfield, our environmental professionals will lead you through that process as well.

Finally, we understand that your project demands practical and effective solutions.  Commercial developments are no place for research projects, and we use our 40 years of experience in developing solutions that are appropriate for your circumstances.

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  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Office

Commercial Projects