Site Characterization and In Situ Testing

The quality of the field exploration and sampling program has a major impact on identifying the risk of unforeseen conditions.  Development and execution of dependable, efficient and cost-effective solutions are critical to the value of the exploration program and project success.

Our versatile fleet of rigs perform soil test borings, rock coring, in-situ testing, monitoring well and recovery well installation, wireline and conventional coring, packer testing and direct push soil, vapor and ground-water sampling.

S&ME’s Geotechnical Exploration Services include:

  • Drilling and Sampling with Hollow Stem Augers, Mud Rotary Drilling, Air Rotary Drilling Methodologies
  • Undisturbed Sampling with Piston, Pitcher, GUS Samplers
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Seismic CPT
  • Dilatometer Testing (DMT)
  • Soil and Rock Coring
  • Vertical and Angled Drilling
  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Pressuremeter Testing (PMT)
  • SPT Energy Calibration
  • Instrumentation Installation

S&ME’s Environmental Exploration Services include:

  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installations via Hollow Stem Augers, Mud Rotary Drilling and Air Rotary Drilling
  • Direct Push Soil, Groundwater and Vapor Sampling
  • Well Development and Abandonment
  • Aquifer Pump Tests
  • Nested Wells, Well Clusters and Multipoint Sampling Systems

S&ME is committed to the performance, reliability and safety of our field exploration fleet and to support that commitment we employ our own staff of mechanics and fabricators to service and maintain our drill rigs, support trucks, vessels and equipment.

S&ME has a field exploration staff focused on continually implementing high quality drilling methods and practices to constantly increase the efficiency, value, and accuracy of field data.  Additionally, our drilling staff undergoes extensive training and is constantly working to expand their skill sets and qualifications whether it be for safety, technical knowledge or regulatory compliance.

Our versatile fleet of truck, all-terrain, amphibious, track, and barge mounted exploration equipment is capable of accessing sites over land, coastal environs, and in-land and nearshore coastal waters.  Drilling and sampling can be performed in practically any terrain or geologic formation using hollow-stem augers and mud rotary, CPT, air rotary and rock coring techniques.

S&ME has a long history of conquering difficult access challenges including slopes, soft ground conditions, rough terrain, over water or restricted access.

  • Soft ground, swamps, marshes, dredge spoils or tailings – Our track mounted, skid and amphibious platforms offer the ability and flexibility to get equipment to drilling locations even when the ground can’t support foot traffic.
  • Overwater on rivers, lakes, ports and harbors or offshore – S&ME operates our own vessels for supporting drilling activities overwater as well as having long-standing relationships within the marine industry for support by hiring vessels of opportunity.
  • Indoor exploration or other space or emission constraints – We operate equipment for sampling and testing soil and rock that can accommodate those limited-access explorationsvia either our compact deep core drill or our CPT push frame rig that fits through a standard door frame, can be maneuvered through tight hallways and indoor spaces, can be transported in elevators and stairwells, or lowered through access hatches. Power units are located outside and emission are isolated from crews and the facility.