Infrastructure design makes up our built environment and therefore it is key to the livability and health of a society. S&ME has been providing infrastructure support for over 30 years. Owners of these systems include industry, utility operators, government, private owners and developers. Our engineers and design experts take pride in developing these behind-the-seen infrastructures while collaborating with owners and partners to deliver successful projects that improve our quality of life and our communities. 

Our team’s approach includes coordinating the design with all stakeholders and navigating various needs and requirements to provide a cohesive design. Our typical Infrastructure project involves the careful consideration and integration of various factors, including topography, geology, environmental impacts, utilities, operations, maintenance, constructability, and aesthetics. Collectively, these play a crucial component in meeting project functionality, efficiency, and specific desired objective needs.   

S&ME Infrastructure Services: 

Our services provided within our markets can solve many of the challenges an operator may encounter during construction, operations, or maintenance of a project. Our disciplinary teams provide a single point of contact to our clients, regardless of the complexity of the project to meet these challenges. 

  • Grading and layout
  • Roadway infrastructure
  • Utility pads and metering/sub stations 
  • Utility infrastructure 
  • Conveyance systems and culverts 
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic structures 
  • Low impact development systems 
  • Dams, reservoirs and levees 
  • Basins and lagoons 
  • Landfill infrastructure 
  • Solid waste facilities 
  • Storage and containment systems 
  • Mining facility infrastructure 
  • Industrial infrastructure 
  • Geo-structures 
  • Embankment and berm structures 
  • Sustainable and adaptable infrastructures