S&ME offers a suite of integrated assessment services to address environmental issues. Our experience brings practical and cost-effective solutions that use proven and innovative remedial technologies to meet your specific project requirements.

Due Diligence

S&ME performs hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs) each year.  Recognizing the evolving regulatory environment, we provide staff training and administer an in-house program to approve selected individuals to function as Environmental Professionals under the All Appropriate Inquiries Final Rule and ASTM E 1527-13.

Often Phase I ESAs are performed in combination with other commercial real estate due diligence activities. As a multi-disciplined company built on professional diversity, S&ME is able to provide a wide range of due diligence services and offers experienced in-house personnel in each of these various technical areas.

Brownfields Redevelopment

S&ME recognizes that Brownfields redevelopment is an important consideration in a community’s development strategy. Vacant or abandoned sites and buildings present a negative image for a community. The Brownfields program provides tools that aid in overcoming obstacles to redevelopment of these sites due to known or perceived environmental contamination.

Our team has worked with designers, contractors, realtors, developers, property owners, local governments, environmental attorneys, regulators, funding agencies, and others to navigate the multifaceted course of Brownfields development. We have successfully assisted with negotiations for many Brownfields Agreements and Voluntary Clean-up Contracts with regulatory agencies on behalf of clients. Read more about our Brownfields Redevelopment experience.

Site Characterization and Remedial Investigation

Our professionals’ understanding of subsurface geologic conditions, contaminant transport, and interpretation and application of relevant environmental regulations, in consideration of our Clients’ objectives, prove invaluable in selecting appropriate and effective remedial investigation strategies.  We approach environmental investigations and other regulatory driven projects from a standpoint of determining the information required to make risk-based decisions consistent with the regulatory framework and ultimate land use in a cost-efficient manner.

Our services range from basic environmental assessments, including site receptor surveys and exposure assessments, to a range of complex assessment and remedial investigation services.  S&ME offers environmental risk assessment services to develop baselines, refine remediation goals, and to perform nature and extent contaminant analysis and fate and transport modeling.

Environmental Assessment Compliance

S&ME provides environmental site assessment services to clients involving a wide variety of regulatory programs, including RCRA, CERCLA, Petroleum, and Chemical Underground Storage Tanks.  We are staffed with environmental professionals and field technicians.  Our environmental professionals develop strategies for resolving problems identified through environmental assessment and utilize the diversity of programmatic experience to achieve compliance under relevant state or federal regulatory programs.  Our professionals are skilled in permitting, regulatory compliance assistance, and many other environmental consulting services.  Discussions with regulatory agencies for acceptable solutions can be a major part of an environmental services project.  S&ME has earned the respect of many regulatory agencies.

Vapor Intrusion Evaluation

The continually evolving regulatory guidance, management policies, and regulations endorsed by various federal, state, and local environmental regulatory agencies to address indoor air quality present progressively complex challenges.  Understanding potential exposure risks resulting from vapor intrusion begins with the development of a well-planned assessment approach that focuses on the underlying contaminant source, nature and extent of soil gas migration, and exposure routes that contribute to indoor air impacts.

S&ME’s professionals have extensive experience with the assessment of sites where vapor intrusion is a concern.  S&ME offers vapor intrusion assessment services, including development of conceptual site models for residential and commercial/industrial scenarios, and detailed investigations to characterize source, soil gas, sub-slab soil gas, and indoor and outdoor ambient air conditions.  With this information we can assist with determining the management and mitigation of vapor intrusion risk and provide supporting services related to risk assessment and mitigation.