Geotechnical Engineering

The best site characterization is only as complete as the engineering interpretation that goes with it. That’s why S&ME routinely provides innovative, cost-effective solutions – often introducing new technologies to our clients and market areas. We stay on the leading edge by hiring engineers from the best geotechnical programs, and aggressively supporting their continuing education. Our progressive approach means combining new methods and technology with our nearly 50 years of history of finding appropriate, practical and economic solutions for S&ME clients.

S&ME has provided many thousands of geotechnical engineering solutions. We recognize that a thorough understanding of the site geology has a vital role in gaining an understanding of the behavior of the soil and rock on a project. Whether the site is located in the mountains, Piedmont, coastal plain, glacial or coastal-marine regions, factors of soil weathering, slope formation, and ground water have significant influence on the behavior of the site.

S&ME has dealt with seismic concerns, very poor soil conditions, embankments, dynamic marine areas, rugged mountainous slopes and complex wetland situations, as well as routine conditions. Virtually every type of construction and site-investigation project has been served.

S&ME solves routine and complex geotechnical challenges. Our associates are skilled in both conventional and innovative technology and analysis.  Our staff has repeatedly met even the most demanding geotechnical needs.  S&ME maintains a strong reputation for on-time delivery within budget. Its multi-office presence in the eastern U.S. brings familiarity with area conditions and quick mobilization to any project.

  • Soil/Rock Slope Stability
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Subgrade Preparation and Improvement
  • Lateral Earth Pressure
  • Pavement/Slab-on-Grade Design & Evaluation
  • Design & Evaluation of Instrumentation Programs
  • Difficult Excavation
  • Dewatering