The energy industry thrives in the United States. S&ME responds by providing an integrated approach to traditional and emerging markets that addresses the engineering and scientific issues associated with power generation and oil and gas market segments.


Transportation agencies are challenged with reductions of budgets, demands for expedited project delivery and pressures to reduce congestion and modernize transportation networks. S&ME demonstrates value to our clients by our ability to innovate, provide timely solutions, and meet their unique needs.


S&ME can meet your need in new construction, plant expansion, refurbishment of aging infrastructure and regulatory compliance management for on-going operations.


S&ME serves government clients at the Federal, State and Local levels with a wide variety of services to support pre-design, design, construction and post-construction needs.


Whether you’re planning a new facility construction, or needing a property condition assessment to protect your existing investment, S&ME can be there with you every step of the way.


S&ME projects may vary but our clients return to us for our ability to serve them in three areas: schedule, diversity of services, and our practical and effective solutions to their challenges.


Unpacking an office in "the burgh"

To keep pace with our growth in the shale gas industry, S&ME has opened a Pittsburgh office. Nick Ashcraft and Colin Farrell, both Pittsburghers, are the new face of S&ME locally.

S&ME is excited to move into Pittsburgh. While we are new to the area, Nick and Colin are not new to the challenges of developing pipeline networks. We look forward to integrating our core services of permitting and engineering into the burgeoning shale gas business.

Coal Combustion Product Management

The 2013 World of Coal Ash Conference assembles experts in the field of CCP from across the world to share knowledge on the state of the industry. S&ME presented two white papers at the conference detailing our experience on aspects of the engineering design of CCP management facilities.  Read more…


Transportation Innovation | Building the Future

New Orleans, LA | August 23-27, 2014

Let’s connect in the Big Easy to talk about the not so easy challenges of building our nation’s transportation infrastructure. S&ME delivers environmental, geotechnical and construction engineering and consulting services for all modes of transportation. We are working throughout the Southeast and beyond on some of the country’s largest infrastructure projects.
Parade on by Booth 301 to collect some Mardi Gras beads, and hear about what we have learned and how we can assist you with your next project.

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Shannon Sweitzer, PE
Director of Transportation
Forrest Foshee, PE
Vice President,
Director of Geotechnical Engineering


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