Dominion Energy T-072 Natural Gas Pipeline

S&ME provided innovative engineering services to develop approximately 11.1 miles of 12-inch steel natural gas pipeline and associated natural gas facilities in Western North Carolina. Dominion Energy’s T-072 Natural Gas Pipeline Project connects Duke Energy’s Asheville Combined Cycle Station to provide cleaner energy to the region of roughly 450,000 homes across the Carolinas. The Dominion Energy pipeline project included a challenging mountainous site with 11 horizontal directional drills (HDDs); numerous rivers, streams, and wetland crossings;and two laydown yards from design through construction. Sustainable design methods minimized land disturbance and merged various engineering techniques to address complex pipe routing conditions.

Innovative Application of New or Existing Techniques

This project is located near Asheville, where environmental awareness and sustainability are a high priority within the region. The natural terrain is somewhat mountainous, and streams and wetlands are present throughout the project area. S&ME and Dominion Energy worked together to develop better stormwater management and erosion control best management practices to minimize the impacts of this linear project. S&ME enhanced standard temporary and permanent measures to accommodate more extreme storm events using innovative and sustainable best management practices along environmentally sensitive areas during construction. S&ME also implemented stream restoration designs incorporating natural materials for the 15 stream crossings along this linear project. In addition to the terrain, the pipeline crosses beneath the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRPW) and the Mountains to Sea Trail, along with three crossings of the French Broad River, and one crossing of Interstate I-26 where the use of horizontal directional drill (HDD) technology minimally impacts the environment. S&ME was able to enhance existing techniques in order to minimize environmental concerns within the region.

S&ME Project Services

  • E&SC Plan design and permitting
  • Floodplain permitting
  • Navigable Waters permitting
  • Stream/wetland delineations
  • Threatened and Endangered species assessments
  • Cultural resources services
  • Section 404/401 permitting
  • Regulatory/Agency coordination
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Easement
  • Geotechnical services – 11 HDDs
  • Environmental services – multiple brownfield sites
  • Retaining wall and culvert design
  • Pipe storage yard layout and permitting
  • Post-Construction storm water permitting
  • Design of permanent stream crossings and stream bank stabilization
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental inspection services during construction