S&ME’s Impact: Transportation in West Virginia

West Virginia Market

West Virginia is the only state that lies completely within the Appalachian Mountain region. Transportation mobility is of particular importance in the state due to its rural nature, mountainous terrain, and dispersed population. The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) maintains 34,420 miles of roads and highways – the sixth largest state-maintained system and 89% of all roadway miles in the state – the largest share among all states.

The state’s economy, infrastructure, and social well-being rely heavily on accessible and reliable transportation networks. Efficient transportation systems facilitate trade and commerce, promote tourism, and enhance the quality of life for residents by connecting them with essential services, such as healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. The development of transportation infrastructure, including roads, highways, airports, and public transportation systems, plays a vital role in advancing economic growth, job creation, and improved quality of life in West Virginia.

The Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure in nearly a century. The need for action in West Virginia is clear, and state-level data demonstrates that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can deliver for West Virginia. Read more on the Law’s impact to the region.


Our Impact in West Virginia

Meeting the state’s need for safe and efficient mobility.

S&ME Vice President and Operations Manager, Gus Suwaid, tells us, “S&ME is thriving in West Virginia. In leading our transportation program in the region, I am proud of our team and greatly appreciate our partnership with WVDOT’s Department of Highways over the past three years. Through this partnership, we have provided concrete coring, materials testing (field and lab), project finalization, asbestos inspection, environmental analysis, geotechnical, drilling, structural design, and coatings across the state. The efforts and transportation improvements have and will positively impact mobility within the state.”

West Virginia Construction and Design Exposition

Our pavement experts recently presented at the West Virginia Construction and Design Exposition in Charleston, West Virginia, on geophysics and pavement assessment. Roadways, bridges, airports, dams, and more require a thorough understanding of what is beneath the surface, while geophysics can play a considerable role in providing a cost-effective and non-destructive approach for subsurface evaluations to assist in updating our infrastructure and ultimately, making it safer.


West Virginia Project Highlights

Corridor H

Parsons to Davis, West Virginia

S&ME will be performing geotechnical design and exploration (drilling and geophysical) services for Greenman-Pederson, Inc (GPI) who was selected for the design contract to construct a four-lane (9.1 mile) Corridor H between Parsons and Davis, West Virginia.

Corridor H, is part of a bigger plan to better connect regions within the Appalachian range, read more in the recent feature of ENR Southeast. The highway, also known as Route 48, will connect rural and isolated areas to key markets, including Washington DC. Corridor H will be the only limited-access highway through West Virginia’s Appalachian Highlands region to Interstate 81 in Virginia and the largest infrastructure investment in the state’s history.


Creston Bridge

Wirt County, West Virginia

S&ME was contracted by WVDOH to provide geotechnical design, drilling, and environmental services  for the replacement of the existing Creston Bridge, which carries West Virginia (WV) 5 over Little Kanawha River and County Route (CR) 35/13.  S&ME will be working in conjunction with AMT, who will be performing structural design of the bridge.


Dallas Pike

Wheeling, WV

S&ME served as a subconsultant to CTL Engineering inspecting work completed by NLS Paving. The purpose of this project was to extend the service life of this one-mile section of CR 41 by improving the road surface quality and upgrading its drainage and safety features. The road has exhibited a noticeable deterioration from the increased industrial Oil and Gas traffic.


S&ME performed inspections for the following activities: Mobilization, Traffic control, Unclassified Excavation, Asphalt wearing and Base, Milling, shoulder and Ditching, Drainage, Guardrail, and Striping. The project was completed on schedule with the expected quality and with no cost overruns.



WV 2 Widening – Kent to Franklin

WVDOH District 6, WV

S&ME partnered with Stantec to bring our 60 years of combined District 6 experience to WVDOH specifically for this project, consisting of a 1.5-mile section – part of the WV 2 Industrial corridor connecting Proctor, West Virginia, and Moundsville, West Virginia – which provides access to many industrial-chemical and oil and gas businesses. The proposed project widening and new alignment will not only facilitate the growth of the existing industry, but the procurement of more businesses downstream from the upcoming ethane cracker plant construction in Belmont County, Ohio.

The scope includes removal of 1.8M cubic yards of unclassified excavation, drainage, paving, and traffic control.

This project was awarded an ACEC-WV Engineering Excellence Award in 2021.


Eldora Bridge – WV Bridges Coating Inspection Services

Marion County (District 4)

S&ME provided daily full-time, on-site monitoring of lead abatement by means of abrasive blasting. The bridges required full containment with negative air pressure per Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Guide 6. Coatings were applied with airless paint spray equipment and brush application on edges and weld seams. The daily inspection included testing of blast media, air supply for blast equipment, surface cleanliness, blast profile measurements, monitoring ambient air conditions, and observing the mixing procedure and the application and recoating processes, as well as visual inspections. The thickness of each coat was measured in accordance with WVDOT specifications. The adhesion of the zinc primer to the steel substrate was tested in accordance with ASTM 4541 “Pull Off Strength of Coating Using Portable Adhesion Testers”. All services were provided under the direction of an AMPP (NACE)-Certified Coating Inspector. Coating inspections were performed by S&ME Coating Technicians from three offices that had attended coating training and passed practical and written coating tests.

This project was awarded an ACEC-WV Engineering Excellence Award in 2021.


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