Portsmouth Bypass

The Portsmouth Bypass project is a 16-mile, 4-lane, divided, limited access highway around the City of Portsmouth in Scioto County, Ohio (SR 823), including 22 bridges and 5 interchanges. This project is the first Public-Private Partnership in ODOT history and is estimated to reduce round-trip travel between U.S. Route 23 north of Lucasville to U.S. Route 52 near Sciotoville by more than a half-hour.

S&ME, as a subconsultant to ms consultants, provided geotechnical engineering services such as geotechnical analyses and design recommendations to support the design of culverts/embankments, wick drains, bridges/MSE walls, fill/cut slopes, and rock catchments, along with additional drilling and laboratory testing needed to supplement the 900+ historic borings previously drilled within the project corridor. Construction on the project began in late June 2015 with the installation of culverts, wick drains and mass grading operations. Rock cuts exceeding 200 feet and embankment fills up to 150 feet will be required during project construction, for a total of 20 million cubic yards of earthwork.

S&ME utilized more than 35 professional and technical staff from 13 offices during the design phase of the project.