Western Hills Viaduct over the Queensgate CSX Rail Yard and Mill Creek

This project began in 2018 and is ongoing until scheduled completion in April 2026. The existing 3,200 foot long Western Hills Viaduct (WHV), constructed in 1932 by the Union Terminal Company, will be replaced with a new structure just south of the existing structure. The Viaduct connects to IR-75 and crosses over several roads, Mill Creek, and the CSX Queensgate Rail Yard and Intermodal facility. The new structure will be a 3-span, single-deck, 2-cable stayed tower bridge with 9 additional spans, 4 travel lanes in each direction, a multi-use path on the southern side, and a sidewalk on the northern side.  The project also includes multiple approach spans on the east, two approach spans on the west, and improvements to two ramps, Central Parkway, Harrison Avenue, and the connector road for Harrison Avenue and State Street.

S&ME’s services include a multi-phased geotechnical exploration program with 60+ borings, geotechnical testing across five S&ME labs, and geophysical evaluations including Microgravity (Gravity), Frequency Domain Electromagnetic (FDEM), and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to determine limits of an old tunnel and beer vaults on the west side.

The foundation includes large diameter drilled shafts socketed 15 to 25 feet into bedrock. This region presents challenges in that the bedrock is more than 100 feet deep at the towers and includes thicker layers of very-soft to soft and very-loose soil. Read more information about the project.