Pleasant Hill Lake Shoreline Stabilization

Pleasant Hill Lake is one of ten permanent lakes that flow into the Muskinghum River. The 850-acre reservoir plays a key role in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District’s conservation efforts. The Muskingum River watershed provides a number of benefits including flood protection, water conservation and recreational opportunities. The site at Pleasant Hill Drive primarily serves as a boat launch and docking facility for the Pine Hill Boat Club and area residents.

Severe shoreline erosion along Pleasant Hill Drive, however, created unsafe conditions and water quality concerns.  Due to a sharp bend in the streambed, the area experienced accelerated currents and increased wave action.  Furthermore, the reservoir was subject to rapidly fluctuating water levels from storm events. Thousands of tons of shoreline material washed into the Lake reservoir causing steep, hazardous slopes along the bank.

S&ME investigated the site, provided mitigation strategies, and developed plans to stabilize the shoreline. The project team developed several innovative engineering solutions.  By flattening the bank and moving the toe of the slope above the summer pool, S&ME created a beach area along the shoreline. Minimal fill was also placed below the summer pool of the lake or within the reservoir storage area. In addition, the team developed a biotechnical slope stabilization above the designed rock channel protection zone at the toe. This approach consisted of live stakes and a custom riparian area seed mixture providing a “green” and sustainable erosion control solution.


  • The reservoir has the largest watershed area to lake volume ratio in the Muskingum River watershed