WTCC Main Campus Trails

Wake Technical Community College recently developed trails to connect outer parking lots with main campus facilities. S&ME originally performed construction observations for Wake Technical Community College during the pile driving operations. As the work progressed, our team also provided load testing of selected timber piles. The project involved constructing two treated timber piles to support the boardwalks crossing low-lying nature areas of the campus.

Soft ground conditions and shallow depths of dense, partially-weathered rock prohibited previous plans to install many piles. S&ME communicated the site and subsurface conditions to the design engineer as the pile driving operations progressed.  This allowed for modifications in the pile driving plan.  Modifications included pre-drilling of dense weathered rock and stone backfilling of soft ground conditions around individual piles. Our team’s plan helped develop sufficient lateral stability of the completed boardwalk. The project progressed continuously as design changes were made, and the work was completed on time.