Midway Middle School Retaining Wall

S&ME performed a geotechnical exploration for repair of a failed retaining wall at Midway Middle School in Roane County, Tennessee. Our services included field exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analyses, and recommended repair alternatives.

Several of the existing segmental blocks had fallen into the access road toward the school building. The majority of the failed wall was replaced with a regraded soil slope, where property boundaries allowed. The north end of the failed wall was replaced with a new gravity retaining wall due to property constraints.

S&ME performed geotechnical design of the gravity retaining wall that was used as part of the repair. Services included design calculations, project drawings, and specifications for the retaining wall.

The project required that the wall be a gravity supported wall and designed without reinforcing grids due to insufficient land behind the wall within the property boundaries. The images above are courtesy of Barger Precast, the contractor in charge of constructing the new retaining wall.

S&ME also provided construction materials testing services for construction of the gravity retaining wall at Midway Middle School. S&ME performed periodic foundation excavation evaluations, undercutting, placement of segmental retaining wall units, placement of wall backfill, and placement of erosion control matting behind and around the completed retaining wall.