Knoxville South Waterfront Brownfields Assessment

The Knoxville South Waterfront Redevelopment Corridor lies stretches along the Tennessee River across from downtown and the University of Tennessee. The City embarked on a 20-year redevelopment effort of this underutilized urban core.

S&ME was selected by the City to manage a Community-Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant for the corridor. The US Environmental Protection Agency Brownfield Assessment Grant Program funded the project. The purpose was to develop an understanding of the nature and extent of potential contamination that could impact redevelopment opportunities.

As part of this effort, S&ME conducted a comprehensive Brownfield candidate site inventory. The team identified 60 potential Brownfield candidate properties and compiled in a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database. This information facilitated interactions between owners, regulators, and other stakeholders during assessment implementation.

S&ME also provided Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA), Quality Assurance Project Plan Preparation, extensive asbestos and lead-based paint surveys, Phase II ESAs, and general project management and client support which includes preliminary remedial planning, progress reporting and assistance with the grantee’s ongoing community outreach efforts. Project requirements also included coordination with federal EPA and state regulatory personnel involved in oversight of the grant.