Tammineni’s Coastal Soils Article Published in Louisiana Civil Engineer

Venu Tammineni, PE, senior engineer at S&ME, coauthored an article with David S. Eley, PE, principal engineer with GeoEngineers, Inc., that appeared in the May 2018 edition of Louisiana Civil Engineer. The paper, entitled “Estimating Shrinkage of Coastal Soil,” discusses the complex geotechnical design challenges of soft soil shrinkage associated with coastal conditions. Mr. Tammineni has extensive experience in planning, managing, and executing the geotechnical aspects of coastal protection and restoration projects. He has worked on numerous projects involving marsh and ridge restoration, shoreline protection, beach and dune restoration, and beneficial use of dredged material projects. He specializes in providing geotechnical design in soft soil sediments, and continues to research and collaborate with Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) in bridging the gap between the design and construction of coastal restoration projects. He has experience with estimating properties of fill during and post-construction to calculate a reliability factor for achieving the target marsh elevation within the desired time frame.

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