S&ME Presents at Air & Waste Management Association Conference

Two S&ME environmental experts will be participating in the Air & Waste Management Association 109th Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans this June.

Stanford Lummus, PEStanford Lummus, PE, Vice President

will present S&ME’s work, “Remediation of Highly Fractured Rock Aquifer Using Air Sparging.” The session details the results of a pilot test designed and conducted to test the potential applicability of applying air sparging and biosparging technologies to highly fractured granodiorite for remediation of volatile contaminants. While air sparging has long been recognized as an effective technology to remove VOCs from groundwater in soils, this was a first to test the efficacy on fractured rock.


Ashley Sapyta, PE, Technical Principal

has organized and will chair a panel discussion session entitled, “Sustainability Fundamentals: Principals, Standards, Models, Metrics and Practices.” This Panel will discuss the state-of-the-art in sustainability practices and the likely evolutionary pathway for the sustainability concept in a variety of settings and applications. Representatives from the heavy manufacturing sector (Nucor), the public utility sector (Entergy), academia (University of New Orleans) and a leading engineering-procurement-construction firm (Fluor) will each present their enterprise’s viewpoint on the meaning of sustainability and the paths for success in achieving philosophical breakthrough in the enterprise.


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