OTEC Hosts Four S&ME Presenters

S&ME was strongly represented at OTEC with personnel giving five different presentations during the breakout sessions.


kmurrellKyle Murrell presented “SCDOT Cylinder Pile Test Program: US378 over the Great Pee Dee River.” An alternative foundation plan using 4.5-ft. diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pile foundation was considered over the proposed 5-ft drilled shafts.



130201_SME_Canivan_631Gregory Canivan presented “High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing – The Subtle Benefits”. This presentation draws from 20 years of dynamic pile testing experience to illustrate how dynamic testing can be beneficial in recognizing and solving pile installation problems.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABilly Camp presented “A Case for Design-Phase Foundation Testing Programs”. This presentation focuses on the benefits of design-phase foundation testing programs. Ten design-phase test programs have been performed by South Carolina DOT over the last 25 years.



clee copyCraig Lee gave two presentations. The first one was “Design Challenges Associated with Constructing the New Dolwick Connector into Existing I-275 Embankment”. The Dolwick Connector is a new section of roadway in northwest Kenton County, KY. A 1,000-ft. long section of this new road crosses an existing 150-ft. tall ramp embankment, carrying I-75/71 to WB I-275.

Craig’s second presentation was “Innovative Use of Horizontal Directional Continuous Rock Coring for Design of LSIORB East End Tunnels”. The presentation will discuss the use and application of horizontal directional continuous rock coring for tunnels as part of the baseline data generated for tunnel design. Specifically, the application to the tunnel design for the Kentucky East End Approach tunnel will be discussed.