Construction Safety at S&ME

Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week is a time to recognize the importance of safety in our field. 

Our industry builds the infrastructure that communities depend on. We safely build projects that provide clean water, reliable power, safe transportation, accessible health care, and more. We make sure our clients can provide reliable resources in good times and in bad.

Today, celebrate all that we have safely built and done for the communities where we live and work. Take time to reflect on all you do and be proud of your accomplishments.

Built on Safety

From the moment we step onto a job site, safety is the foundation, the cornerstone of everything we do. We provide the tools and training needed to work incident-free, empower every person on every job site to make smart, measured, and safe decisions, and speak up when we see something unsafe. Safety is a value and belief we all share and when we make safe choices, lives are protected. We are built on safety because our families at home and at work depend on it.

S&ME Safety Programs

In every company, there are core safety programs that drive safety culture. These programs define what is most important and where we place our focus in terms of safety.

At S&ME, we have employed core safety programs such as:

  • First Move Forward (learn more about why we always back into parking spots)
  • Run Over/Struck By Procedures
  • Near Miss Reporting
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Traffic Control/Work Zone Procedures

S&ME COVID-19 Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all industries. While staying committed to preventing the traditional hazards of our construction work, we are now tasked with keeping each other safe from the threats of COVID-19 too.

S&ME has developed and implemented plans and procedures to keep our employees and clients as safe as possible during the pandemic. Key items in reducing our risk have been our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, Office Entry Procedure, and Field Staff Precautions Guide.

Thank you for your commitment to our industry and safety within it.