2022 Construction Safety Week: Connected. Supported. Safe

Construction Safety Week is a time to recognize the importance of safety in our field. 

construction safety week

Connected. Supported. Safe

This year’s focuses for Construction Safety Week are remaining connecting, supporting others, and staying safe.

Safety is a bond that unites us. It’s our connection to each other, and to something bigger than ourselves. Being connected gives us strength, because it means we are not alone in building a stronger, safer industry, and in creating a safe, supportive environment for our workers. Supported means we are here for one another, and we have each other’s backs in every possible way, providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure everyone can do their best work and return home safely every day. When we’re connected and supported, we are better able to help ourselves and our teams stay present and focused on the job. We are better able to create a culture and workplace where everyone feels safe. The more we stay connected and committed, the more we can show up fully to support one another. And the more we feel supported, the safer choices we make, and the better work we deliver, leading to safer selves, safer teams, and safer job sites.


Remain Connected

Remaining connected to your loved ones, your co-workers, and your community allows each of us to be bonded and know that we are not alone. Connection brings comfort. It brings peace of mind. It allows us to be open and honest about daily experiences – good and bad – and find common ground with others around us. In other words, we are each other’s keeper. Staying connected on the job will create a stronger, safer crew.


A few suggestions to help stay connected at work:

  • Engage in your daily job brief or weekly toolbox talk by asking questions or sharing knowledge that may benefit your fellow crew members.
  • Make a new connection at work. A few simple questions can get a conversation going.
  • Mentor a junior employee or learn from a senior employee. Everyone has something unique to offer, and these interactions can lead to lasting connections.


Be Supported

Support is mutual. When you support a coworker or friend, they are in turn more likely to support you. This mindset will give each of us the courage to speak up for safety. Our voices are one of the greatest ways to eliminate exposure, but it is not always easy to speak up when we see a potential risk or an unsafe action. Support is also shown within selfless acts for others, which have positive physical and mental effects. A simple gesture of care and concern for a co-worker or loved one gives the support they may need whether they are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a tough personal situation.


Consider the following tips to support your crew members:

  • Be intentional about listening to each other and consider viewpoints different from our own.
  • Do not be deterred by how you think a coworker will react. You are only responsible for how you communicate your concern, not how they respond.
  • Be appreciative when someone is courageous enough to speak up and share concerns with you. They have your safety and best interest at heart.


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