PSNC Energy Line T-021B Pipeline

S&ME performed environmental permitting services for this 15-mile pipeline in north-central North Carolina. Our regulatory understanding led to the authorization of construction impacts under USACE Nationwide Permit 12, State Water Quality Certification, State Riparian Buffer Authorization, and approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plans. Our initial success with environmental permitting led to additional services for this project and the project was completed ahead of schedule.

S&ME’s natural resources scientists performed wetland and stream delineations, protected species assessments, and provided regulatory consultation. Efforts began in March, 2014 with delineation and protected species services that were completed in May. The regulatory review process was intense, requiring frequent submittals of information to satisfy agency requirements. The pipeline project entailed 156 crossings of streams and wetlands. S&ME was successful in obtaining open-cut methodology for all but one stream crossing, thereby saving the client millions of dollars through the elimination of costly horizontal directional drilling.

S&ME’s engineering personnel developed erosion and sediment control plans and obtained the required NPDES permits for land disturbing activities. S&ME also provided consulting services related to floodplain encroachment permitting, storm water requirements, and other local ordinances. Our engineers coordinated closely with EnSite USA to assist with bid preparation.

S&ME’s geotechnical group performed a total of 12 borings at eight planned horizontal directionally drilled pipeline crossings for the project. Boring depths typically ranged from 30 to 90 feet below the ground surface and encountered residual soils, partially weathered rock, and metavolcanic rock. S&ME utilized multiple ATV and track-mounted drill rigs to access the planned crossing locations, some of which were in low-lying areas of the alignment and required coordination with EMS personnel, local land agents, and the property owners. S&ME performed classification tests on soils and unconfined compressive strengths on selected rock samples. Information obtained from the subsurface exploration services was summarized in four separate data reports as requested by the project team.

Following the receipt of permit authorizations S&ME personnel remained on-site during construction, providing assistance with daily compliance as environmental inspectors. Upon completion of contractor activities, S&ME will remain on the pipeline right-of-way performing maintenance oversight and stormwater inspections in accordance with state requirements.