Jefferson Lake Dam Evaluation and Design Services

Built in 1934, the Jefferson Lake Dam is a Class I high-hazard potential structure.  This means a structural failure would likely cause untold damage including loss of life.  The dam contains a 25 x 236 foot fill embankment and concrete spillway that discharges into Rippy Run. The structure, however, lacks an emergency spillway.

S&ME evaluated the condition of a 77-year old dam.   Our team performed soil borings and concrete condition survey. We also performed a bathymetric survey of the lake and a land survey of the dam and downstream area.  With this information, we performed both stability and H&H analyses to assess safety against the risk of failure during a flood.  These analyses suggest the existing spillway capacity is inadequate and there is significant potential for overtopping to occur.

S&ME is currently developing construction plans to assure the long term performance of the dam.  In addition, S&ME is developing inundation mapping associated with an Emergency Action Plan for the dam.  In the future, it is anticipated that S&ME will assist the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in administrating the construction of these improvements.