Levine Children’s Hospital

Levine Children’s Hospital is an 11-story structure that houses The Children’s Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center (CMC). Located adjacent to the Dickson Heart Tower, the facility plays a valuable role in Carolinas HealthCare System. It serves as a teaching and research facility and promotes a positive and healing attitude. Designed to care for both the physical and emotional needs of children and their families, Levine Children’s Hospital provides a state-of-the art facility that leads the region in offering a comprehensive range of specialized pediatric services, including cardiac and cancer care, neurosurgery, rehabilitation services, the highest designated level of neonatal intensive care, and kidney, liver and heart transplants.

S&ME performed a comprehensive geotechnical evaluation of the site.  The scope of our services included conventional soil test borings and coring of rock.  Laboratory testing included soil index property tests and shear strength tests.  The buildings were supported by drilled shaft foundations bearing on competent rock.  The residual soils and partially weathered rock along the shafts will also contribute skin friction to the shaft load capacities.  S&ME performed detailed lateral load capacity analyses of the drilled shaft foundation due to the relatively high wind and seismic horizontal loads.  Other recommendations included underpinning of existing shallow foundations of adjacent central utilities plant and shoring of temporary excavations as deep as 15 to 20 feet.

S&ME also performed seismic cone penetrometer testing with shear wave velocity measurements and provided a probabilistic seismic hazard analysis and site specific ground motion analysis for seismic design of the 11-story hospital building.  The results saved approximately $100,000 to $200,000 on construction cost compared to using the building code default values.


  • S&ME provided construction materials testing and special inspection services for the facility
  • Services included welding inspection, rebar inspection, floor flatness, concrete sampling, reinforced concrete inspection and drilled shaft construction monitoring