A niche focus on traditional City Planning services requires an experienced team of planning professionals. S&ME’s planning practice includes an established team specializing in traditional City Planning services, including Comprehensive Planning, Land Development/Form-based Code writing, and Redevelopment Planning.

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and LDC Updates

S&ME’s approach to planning includes robust community engagement and collaboration across disciplines.

Our Planning Group is part of a unique interdisciplinary Placemaking practice that includes Landscape Architecture/Urban Design, Civil Engineering, and Multimodal Transportation Planning/Engineering. Our approach to planning includes robust community engagement and a fierce commitment to collaboration across disciplines.

Comprehensive Planning

S&ME writes and updates Comprehensive Plans for clients ranging in size from small rural communities to entire counties. S&ME’s experience includes evaluation and appraisal reports (EARs), EAR-based amendments, large and small-scale amendments, and plan updates that address legislative changes or changes in population growth or development trends.

Land Development/Land-Based Codes

S&ME has assisted numerous cities and counties prepare streamlined and relevant land development regulations, form-based codes, design guidelines, and design manuals. We have provided recommendations for diverse communities, ranging from rural counties to fast-growing urban jurisdictions.

Re-development Planning

Through a balanced interdisciplinary approach, S&ME delivers results by providing innovative and sustainable solutions redevelopment. S&ME offers a wide array of expertise through a collaborative approach to projects focused on implementation from the outset as strategic development advisors. Our planners, designers, and engineers work together to develop creative designs and pioneering ideas rigorously tested for workability. We define success through quality-built projects.