Landscape Architecture

S&ME’s diverse team of Landscape Architecture professionals exhibit an unwavering commitment to pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to all projects, and S&ME has earned the reputation as one of Florida’s top landscape architecture firms. We have developed expertise in landscape architecture design through many years, including Urban Infill, Streetscapes and Parks, Plazas, and Trails.

park avenue

Innovative and sustainable design solutions foster healthy, vibrant, and liveable communities.

Our Landscape Architecture’s team philosophy is to provide practical solutions to our client’s infrastructure, development, and environmental challenges. We devote our resources and technical expertise to helping clients meet their objectives. Through this interdisciplinary approach, S&ME delivers results by providing innovative and sustainable design solutions. S&ME offers a wide array of expertise through a collaborative approach to projects focused on implementation as strategic development advisors. We define success through quality-built projects that foster healthy, vibrant, and livable communities.

Urban Infill

S&ME Urban Infill projects thoughtfully re-purpose un-utilized or under-utilized sites within a city for residential, retail, and commercial uses.


S&ME Streetscape projects incorporate functional and aesthetic elements into a community’s roadways and surroundings to capture the personality of its travelers and residents.

Parks, Plazas, and Trails

S&ME Parks, Plazas, and Trails projects merge the natural surroundings into its built environment, stimulating both the economic and recreational activity of the community.