Community Planning

S&ME has extensive experience in providing traditional City planning services for local governments including Comprehensive Planning, Land Development Code Updates, Small Area Plans and Development Review Services.

Comprehensive Planning

S&ME has written and updated Comprehensive Plans for clients ranging in size from small rural communities to entire counties. S&ME’s experience includes evaluation and appraisal reports (EARs), EAR-based amendments, large and small-scale amendments, and plan updates that address legislative changes or changes in population growth or development trends.

Land Development Regulations, Form-Based Codes, Design Manuals

S&ME has assisted numerous cities and counties with the preparation of streamlined and relevant land development regulations, form-based codes, design guidelines, and design manuals. We have had the opportunity to provide recommendations for diverse communities, ranging from rural counties to fast growing urban jurisdictions. 

Special Area Plans

S&ME has prepared numerous master plans, small area plans, vision plans, and neighborhood plans. Our planning experience varies in focus from redevelopment opportunities and job creation to community protection and enhancement. Our plans are based on intense public participation and visioning coupled with analysis of current economic and demographic data. Engaging the community is paramount to the success of every community vision or plan, particularly in the implementation phase.

Development Review

S&ME offers our clients the benefit of implementing land development regulations and architectural standards through the review of projects submitted to a jurisdiction for compliance with the Code.  Our design expertise and comprehension of a municipality’s intended regulations allows us to provide clients with a third party unbiased perspective, thereby cultivating a more aesthetic and code compliant project.

Historic Preservation

S&ME is highly experienced in providing historic preservation services to municipalities and counties.. These services have included creating and establishing historic districts, performing field surveys to identify historic structures, and creating maps and walking tour guides for historic districts. S&ME has also facilitated numerous public education meetings to inform communities about how historic preservation programs may be implemented and the overall effect upon the community. S&ME has also prepared architectural design guidelines to preserve and protect the historical context and appearance of historic districts.