Roadway Engineering

S&ME offers a full range of planning and design services for streets, freeways, highways, interchanges, arterials, corridors, complete streets, and multi-modal transportation. Our firm has experience in improving the transportation systems and roadway infrastructure for numerous public and private clientele, including roadway design, traffic studies and analysis, land surveying, bridge design, hydrology/ hydraulic design, and construction engineering and inspection.

We have sound capabilities and experience in the field of hydrology and hydraulic design. Our modeling experience is often required as a prerequisite to coordinating and permitting that is becoming increasingly necessary with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national and local sedimentary control permitting and local governments’ BMP requirements. Our expertise also extends to frequent use of HEC-12 for highway inlet capacities and in performing studies and designing corrective roadway/ bridge crossing measures for bridge scour for both municipal and state governmental agencies and private sector clients.

Our transportation specialists have extensive experience handling large multi-discipline transportation programs for state and federal agencies. We find tailored solutions that match our client’s specific needs in order to create safe, reliable, efficient transportation systems that improve mobility, decrease congestion, and increase capacity. Services include:

  • Geometric design
  • Grading
  • Transportation/corridor planning
  • Transit oriented development (TOD)
  • Infrastructure utility and drainage design
  • Context sensitive design
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment
  • Multimodal transportation plan development
  • Advance planning report (APR) preparation and feasibility studies
  • Construction management
  • Construction engineering and inspection services (CEI)
  • Transportation systems operations and maintenance
  • Multi-modal transportation studies
  • Interchange modification studies
  • MPO traffic modeling
  • Highway capacity analysis
  • Travel time studies
  • Access management
  • Highway and traffic safety studies and audits
  • Traffic circulation and signalization
  • Roadway network analysis