Division Avenue Complete Street

S&ME provided urban design, landscape architecture, and transportation planning services for this segment of Division Avenue in Orlando’s Downtown South Neighborhood Improvement District, SoDo NID. The plan by incorporates complete street design principles. It provides recommendations for the Division Avenue right-of way. This included roadway design, Orlando Urban Trail extension and how properties fronting the street will address the public realm design of the corridor. The plan features three roundabouts at the intersections of Gore, Kaley, and Michigan Streets. The roundabouts serve multiple uses as traffic calming, placemaking, and district gateways. The corridor serves industrial users; consequently, the street and roundabouts are designed to accommodate large vehicles while still creating a pedestrian and bike friendly environment. The plan includes the addition of parallel parking, specialty crosswalks, sidewalks, intersection accent planting areas, street trees, street furniture, lighting, wayfinding, bike/pedway facilities, transit stops, and opportunities for public art. The material selections reference the industrial uses through the use of concrete, steel and corten. Proposed is a unique concrete paver mix that can be manufactured in the district.