Multipurpose Trail on Centennial Campus- Lake Wheeler Road & Trailwood Drive

North Carolina State University selected S&ME to provide complete project oversight and administration of two sections of multi-use asphalt trail adjacent to Lake Wheeler Road and Trailwood Drive.  S&ME also attended project documentation audits conducted by the NCDOT, focusing on the procedures and documentation requirements for receipt of State and Federal project funding.

S&ME provided engineering technicians with appropriate NCDOT certifications to perform subgrade evaluations and soil compaction testing, stone base course sampling & testing including stone thickness and cross-slope checks, sampling and testing of concrete and asphalt pavements, and field measurements of installed/provided quantities.  

The soft wet organic subgrade conditions encountered along much of the low-lying sections of the trail were a challenge to achieve subgrade stability for new pavement construction, while controlling the construction cost and schedule.  S&ME was successful at providing geotechnical recommendations as the adverse conditions were encountered, documenting the remedial actions taken, and monitoring the contractor’s operations for compliance with the construction documents.

S&ME coordinated our services with NCSU, the Contractor, and with representatives of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  The S&ME project manager reviewed contractor submittal, RFI, held weekly construction meetings, issued meeting minutes, performed wage rate interviews, reviewed daily testing and inspection services, and provided weekly summary reports.  The S&ME Project manager maintained Pay Record Books, Materials Received Reports, and reviewed the contractor’s certified payrolls and pay applications thru project completion.