Kissimmee CRA Plan Update

S&ME updated the City of Kissimmee, Florida’s Downtown Community Redevelopment Plan and extended the operational timeframe of the Community Redevelopment Agency to 2052. The S&ME Team Identified key redevelopment strategies, redevelopment programming, and a capital improvement schedule for the Plan update. Plan content was reflective of extensive community engagement and input. This public engagement included individual stakeholder interviews, a project-specific website and online survey, an in-person, all-day, open house workshop, and an online. The Community Redevelopment Plan update embraces the City’s burgeoning Medical Arts District, redeveloping waterfront, and arts and cultural resources as the City transitions from its historic agri-business heritage. S&ME’s update of the CRA Plan included place-based economic development strategies to build upon the City’s redevelopment achievements, position the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area for continued redevelopment and private sector investment while protecting the City’s historic downtown neighborhoods.