June Lake

June Lake is a 780-acre master-planned mixed-use development and planned to serve as the Gateway to the City of Spring Hill, TN. The master plan uniquely blends Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, and recreational land uses to create a vibrant lifestyle center with pedestrian-friendly streets and easy transition between work, home, and play. The community design is intended to serve as the Gateway to the heart of Spring Hill as an interconnected network of neighborhoods and vibrant commercial districts.

An important factor in the designation of the land as a Gateway is its relationship with a new I-65 interstate interchange, which is currently under design. This legacy project is currently entitled to 3.9 million square feet of commercial office, 1.3 million square feet of Retail/Restaurant space, 400 hotel keys, 2150 multifamily residential units, and 775 single-family residential lots. With over 110 acres reserved for community/public open space and several miles of interconnected greenways and trails, every district and neighborhood will be linked in a continuous multi-modal network that will transverse the entire development along the Aenon Creek corridor.

The S&ME team provided preliminary engineering, long-range utility planning and strategies for build-out of the project, sewer upgrades, planning and designing domestic water services, roadway re-alignment/design of Buckner Lane, Agency coordination with the City of Spring Hill and TDOT, and bidding assistance for the construction of Buckner Lane.