Beginning with our respected reputation in geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing, S&ME has grown to become a leader in coal combustion residuals (CCR) management and water resources, providing a range of design and management solutions. S&ME offers engineering, geotechnical and geologic services, natural resources services, environmental services, materials testing services, construction administration, and construction quality assurance services necessary to site, permit, design, construct, and support our client’s operations.

We understand our clients are faced with complex and highly visible decisions. Furthermore, we understand how dynamic the electric power industry is, from emerging technologies to changes in government regulations. S&ME personnel stay abreast of technical and regulatory developments, in part, through their participation in the professional organizations and developing ties to academics, vendors, and regulators. S&ME personnel have developed and maintain sound working relationships with State regulators through the course of their various projects.  We work with most of the major fossil power providers in our geographical footprint. S&ME has decades of direct experience with investigations of site conditions, and conceptual and final design of CCR facilities; we understand the applicable regulatory frameworks; and the Team understands the technical issues associated with CCR materials, the CCR Rules, and has the necessary skills to provide timely and cost-effective services.