S&ME’s Energy Pipeline Services engineers offer detailed and flexible design solutions to their client’s critical needs for measurement, regulation, filtration and flow monitoring, whether the facility is located at an existing station, or in a remote location.

Station and Facilities Design

S&ME has experience in designing regulator and metering facilities for the downstream, transmission and midstream markets. S&ME has a broad range of experience in assisting its clients in the sizing of pressure reducing regulators and pressure relief valves. In addition, when the pressure cut required is significant, S&ME can assist in the selection of a thermal solution in the form of water bath, or catalytic heater, to heat the flowing gas before it reaches the downstream pressure regulator to prevent freeze up of the regulating facility. In addition, and depending on the application, S&ME can be called upon to assist in selecting and designing a meter run to provide accurate accounting of flow volumes along the pipeline network, or to measure consumer consumption. S&ME has experience in sizing rotary, ultrasonic, or turbine meters for use in the transmission, upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Interconnects/Launchers and Receivers/Filtration

The emphasis on maintaining the integrity of a pipeline has prompted pipeline owners to incorporate launchers and receivers into the designs of new and existing pipeline systems. S&ME can design permanent launchers and receivers to facilitate the use of cleaning pigs and or, smart “pigs” to fit field conditions, or design skid-mounted systems for more flexibility and portability. Filters/Filter Separators are a common addition to interconnect sites, well-head sites and compressor stations to ensure the network of pipelines to the end user are void of condensates and hydrates.

S&ME’s most commonly requested facility design services include:

  • Valve Nest & MLV Design
  • Filtration Design
  • Pig Launcher/Receiver Design
  • In-Line Heater Design
  • Interconnect Design
  • Measurement Design
  • Hot Tap Design
  • Over Pressure Protection/Relief Design
  • Regulator Design (including the worker/monitor configuration)