Correctional Facilities

S&ME has extensive experience in the planning, design, and construction of jails, prisons, detention centers, juvenile treatment centers and correctional facilities across the country. We collaborate with owners, operators, architects, and other design team professionals to develop high-quality facilities that are safe, secure, and delivered on time and within budget. Our integrated team of civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineers, construction managers, and environmental technicians provide expert analysis, design, and inspection to meet the critical needs of high-security facilities and develop sound, practical solutions to address a wide range of issues.

We work with correctional facilities to develop long-term strategies that address challenges such as future growth, expanding technologies, aging infrastructure, sustainability, and public safety. Not only are operational costs, functionality, consolidation, and flexibility important components of the planning and design process, but consideration must be given to potential impacts on the environment and surrounding community. Whether we provide construction engineering inspection, including special inspections to conform to International Building Code (IBC) standards, or serve as Project Manager for a multi-disciplinary team, we develop sound recommendations and tailor approaches to ensure successful outcomes.