Geotechnical Support for Coastal Projects

S&ME professionals have worked on mitigation projects and have research experience with coastal soils. They have contributed to developing analyses and methods to better estimate the settlement of hydraulically placed marsh fill. Our engineers routinely work with specialized programs such as Primary Consolidation, Secondary Compression and Desiccation of Dredged Fill (PSDDF) to analyze settlement of hydraulic fill in marsh restoration sites. S&ME is experienced with riverine drilling as well as sampling and testing of coastal sediments in shallow water and intertidal areas. S&ME also has in-house experts in geotechnical numerical modeling and shallow or deep foundation testing.

Our geotechnical service offerings include:

  • Site characterization & in-situ testing of soft-sediment analyses
  • Marsh fill and foundation soil settlement/consolidation
  • Stability evaluations (levees, slopes, embankments, etc.)
  • Ground improvement and modification design
  • Site dewatering, seepage analyses & drainage
  • Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Geostructures design
  • Ground stabilization
  • Instrumentation for soil and structures