Philip J. Erbland, PE

Technical Principal and Principal Engineer-Project Manager

Philip Erbland brings over 28 years of professional experience in geotechnical engineering. Based in Tampa, FL, his expertise includes involvement in numerous foundation and soil studies, including deep and shallow foundation analysis, foundation settlement, slope stability, pile load testing, wave equation analyses, vibration monitoring, pavement design, and roadway studies. He has managed engineering, drilling, and CPT testing departments and field services – including the installation of temporary groundwater monitoring wells, piezometers, slope extensometers, and slope indicators. He has worked on projects across the southeastern US, the Caribbean, and South America.

Philip earned his Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering and Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Additionally, he serves on the ASCE Ports & Harbors Committee and was the Technical Chair for the Ports ‘22 Conference. He is also an alumnus of the Florida Engineering Society FELI Class of 2012.