Lynne Musick

Client Development Leader - Development
Lynne Musick Client Development Leader S&ME

Lynne Musick’s career has and continues to be grounded in working for companies that serve the built and natural environments. She joined S&ME in 2015 and now leads business development, marketing strategy, and client development for our Development Business Unit.  Lynne’s passion involves building connections between people and ideas, creating excellent quality client relationships, and maintaining exceptional customer service.

In addition to providing internal leadership in Client Development and Marketing, Lynne connects key architectural, construction, engineering, and real estate development support information to community and state economic developers, and to companies looking to locate new facilities and expand existing operations.  Her experience varies from work in industrial/distribution, corporate headquarters, administrative offices, healthcare, biotech, entertainment, education, residential, and other market sectors.

Lynne is a native Texan and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, but she has lived in Tennessee long enough that she now wears a different shade of orange for sporting events.  She is active in professional organizations which promote responsible land and economic development practices, transit and mobility solutions in central Tennessee, and has served in leadership roles within numerous community organizations.